Car Lifting Systems

We at Hands On Lifts supply and install the Kleemann KTS Car Lifting Systems, which are designed for the vertical transportation of vehicles between two or more levels. In buildings where the construction of a cement ramp or a car lift is not possible, the KTS Systems provide the ideal solution for vertical transportation of up to a maximum of 12 meters.

Car lifts are ideal for areas with limited building coefficient
KLEEMANN Parking Systems offer a diverse range of vertical stacking and sliding platform solutions. Building on technological advancements, our intelligent multi-storey Parking Systems guarantee exceptional performance, passenger comfort and safety.

The reason why we stock Kleeman products:

Kleeman products feature the options for single, double, triple and quadruple parking configurations, KLEEMANN Parking Systems fulfil the most stringent urban planning specifications, ensuring optimum utilization of space, cost efficiency and quick installation.

With specialist design and an array of features, from stylish operating panels to state-of-the-art control systems, these lifts ensure the passenger enjoys ease of parking and the reassurance that their vehicle is securely protected from all weather conditions and are safe and secure.
KLEEMANN Parking Systems integrate intelligent solutions with innovative design to deliver truly unique passenger experiences.

That is why we supply and install the Kleeman parking systems, because there is no better vehicle lift that we would trust more.