Passenger Elevator

Hands On Lifts is a proud Kleeman agent and installer. The lift supplied are time, space and money saving accessibility solutions suitable for every buildin. Every customer is unique in terms of their personal taste, requirements and budget.

The Kleeman MaisonTraction Gearless is the ideal home lift and passanger elevator solution for rated loads up to 450 kg. It is equipped with a premium quality gearless motor and a state of the art inverter which enables outstanding ride quality combined with noise elimination and low energy consumption making it a great passenger elevator.

The Maison Traction is especially designed to achieve efficient use of space inside the shaft as well as ease of installation and maintenance.

Maison Traction is the most suitable passanger elevator solution for every building thanks to its versatility and flexibility. Even for special and challenging projects it allows installation according to the architectural needs. It is elegant and above all truly convenient allowing the perfect fitting in any new or existing building, creating a perfect space with passenger elevator.