Hands on Lifts (Pty)LTD

Hands on Lifts (Pty) Ltd strives to enable accessibility for all people through a range of quality residential, commercial
and industrial lifts. We offer a dedicated focus on all lift repairs and maintenance through our
service division, Siyakhula Elevators, which is essential to ensure your continued accessibility and quality
of life, while providing the service excellence that you expect.

Lift Repairs and Maintenance

Continuous maintenance of all residential and commercial lifts, as well as industrial goods hoists and
dumbwaiters, is important to ensure their top performance and extended durability.

All lifts that are operated on a regular basis require:

Regular Inspection

This preventative maintenance will keep your lift operating at its optimum, and help prevent unexpected
and major costly replacements.

After Sales Service

Visit Siyakhula Elevators – the experienced service division of Hands on Lifts (Pty) Ltd – provides dedicated and
thorough after-sales service and support for all lift maintenance needs.

Our comprehensive service and support plans will ensure the optimum maintenance of and care
for your residential, commercial or industrial lift investment from Hands on Lifts (Pty) Ltd.