Choosing a stairlift

We work closely with our customers who are considering a lift, We will always provide you with the most suitable solution for you and your home

The right stairlift can help you safely use the stairs and give you the energy to do the more enjoyable things in life. By removing the stairs as an obstacle, a stairlift means no longer worrying about popping downstairs for your glasses or nipping upstairs to the bathroom.

Choosing a stairlift is about understanding your needs and wants and selecting the most appropriate solution.

Easy and Safe to use

The user's safety is guaranteed by all the latest active and passive safety systems, including : safety gear, self- levelling system, emergency descent mechanism, and anti-blackout device. Attention has also be paid to every safety-enhancing detail, such as the platform floor that is made by non-slip embossed natural aluminium.

What makes a Hands On Lifts, Kleeman stairlifts different?
Hands On Lifts, supplied stairlifts are built on the principles of reliable design, pleasing aesthetics, safety and long term value. From the osteoarthritis suit we use in our design team, to the wood trims we offer on our Starla product, through to our seatbelt sensors, we continually strive to develop innovative features that keep our stairlifts at the cutting edge and ensure exceptional quality.

We strongly believe that not all stairlifts should be the same. Just as every home and every person is different we offer a range of features across our products – such as powered swivels and automatic footrest folds so our customers can get the perfect stairlift for them and their home.

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