Verticle Platform Lifts

EcoVimec Platform Lifts

A Wheelchair and Passanger Mobility Platform

EcoVimec is a reliable and user-friendly platform lift that is eco-friendly, noiseless, wheelchair accessible and has a carrying capacity of 400kg. Safety features include infrared barriers, communication devices inside the cabin, and power-failure precautions.

As the cost of electricity continues to rise in South Africa, finding cost-effective solutions to problems, such as limited mobility, is becoming more and more important. EcoVimec consumes less energy and uses no hydraulic oil, thus making it the eco-friendly and more affordable alternative to traditional residential elevators.

Hands on Lifts offers EcoVimec's range of wheelchair and disability elevator solutions in order to meet the needs of elderly or disabled individuals, and increase the accessibility of their home, thus improving their quality of life.

EcoVimec platform lift accessories are available in a range of elegant colours and designs to cater to all tastes and complement indoor and outdoor features. They are quick to install and require no invasive building work to be done.

Hands on Lifts supplies reliable products manufactured by the market-leading Vimec brand. All Vimec technology is manufactured in Italy and guarantees the highest quality in all products.

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