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Question: How do you install a lift to fit into a heritage building without doing any building or damaging the existing structure? The answer: You get Hands on Lifts to install a small 3-stop passenger lift that will fit into the space constraints of the building.

The British Hotel was in need of a lift that would make it easier for their guests to navigate the hotel without having to face 3 flights of stairs every time. They also wanted to enable their disabled guests to move around freely throughout the building. Hands on Lifts thus offered them a turnkey solution that would solve this problem and fit into the existing stairwell space.

We installed a self-supporting steel and glass tower housing a disability lift with manual doors. The cabin is 740mm wide x 1400mm deep, but it is large enough to fit a wheelchair and an attendant. Manual doors contributed to saving space. The steel and glass shaft was just over 10m tall and serves 3 floors. A small hydraulic pump unit was installed and concealed by existing wooden cabinetry on the ground floor.

The client was looking for a modern look juxtaposed to the classic Victorian décor of the building without taking away from the period charm. This was achieved with the use of glass, bright colours and period flooring.

This project was not without its challenges. The floor needed to be excavated to precise measurements as not to damage the period flooring. The lift’s supporting brackets needed to be doubled-up in order to support the old staircase that needed to be preserved.

Hands on Lifts successfully met the requirements set before them by considering the client’s needs at every stage in the project and sourcing the best possible option for the project. Constant communication with the architect and owner, and regular site visits ultimately contributed to the success of the project.

Modern Convenience, Period Charm

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