Hands on Lifts (Pty)LTD

Passanger Elevators, Vehicle Lifts, Goods Hoists and more

Hands on Lifts supplies customisable passanger elevators, car lifts, disability elevators, wheelchair lifts, and stair lifts that can be suited to each individual's needs to allow accessibility and mobility in all industries.

Having installed lifts for residential, commercial and industrial purposes, from disabled
elevators and chair lifts, to dumbwaiters and access goods lifts for industries, Hands on Lifts aims
to promote convenient accessibility to ensure a greater quality of life for all.

Disability Lifts

At Hands on Lifts, we care about our clients and their specific needs. We are one of the only
elevator companies in South Africa who go beyond expectations to provide thorough assistance
throughout all processes. Our service to you begins with a thorough assessment of the correct disability
elevators and lifting equipment that will meet the needs of the intended persons.

We will then complete the installation of the selected disability elevator, chair lift, or platform
lift to ensure that it meets the top safety requirements, and we offer an after-sales service and maintenance
option to make sure that your disabled elevators are in perfect
working condition at all times.