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Current legislation dictates that all public buildings in South Africa are required to be accessible to people with disabilities. It is for this reason that the many of these spaces have started installing disability lifts. The South African Rugby Museum at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town is a popular tourist attraction with over 64 audio visual monitors and computer screens, offering a unique and interactive Springbok experience. They not only needed to follow legislation, but wanted to give all their visitors a chance to experience all that they have to offer and full disability access to both floors.

The lift was installed on the first floor. With a thick concrete slab floor that could not be cut, the elevator had to remain pitless. Hands on Lifts suggested a Vimec E10 2 stop lift be installed housed in a self-supporting glass and steel structure. It can be installed without a pit and requires very little headroom to fit into the limited space available in the museum.

From order placement to finish, the entire project took only 12 weeks to complete without any technical hurdles or challenges taking place. It is thanks to the good teamwork from all parties involved that the project was well-coordinated and ultimately successful. The designer, builders and Hands on Lifts took it upon themselves to ensure the smooth sailing of the project and give the South African Rugby Museum a practical solution to something that was not only mandated, but would ultimately benefit everyone visiting the museum.

The South African Rugby Museum Made More Accessible

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