Our feature in Home Owner

When tendering for this project, Hands on Lifts ensured that we met the client’s request of having a versatile, durable and aesthetically pleasing lift. When we saw that request, we immediately thought that the E10 would be the best fit for this home. The client wanted the lift to serve its purpose but align with the look and feel of his new home. The client chose to decorate the lift shaft by installing beautiful tiles along the walls of the lift shaft which paired with our all-glass unit allows provides a panoramic view. Go grab a copy of the Home Owner today to see this lift and possibly get some inspiration for your next project!

The E10 Vertical Platform Lift is one of our more popular products especially in a home. Manufactured by our Italian supplier, Vimec, the lift was measured and designed to fit the shaft. With a load capacity of up to 400kgs, this is a fantastic product to be installed in your home! Whether you are planning on building a home, renovating your home or actually building your home this would be a great feature to add to your home to increase the value and add an extra dimension to your home. Contact our sales team today to learn more!