Incline platform lifts offer the latest techonology in accessibility for people with mobility difficulties both in public and private spaces. A wide range of custom solutions are available to meet your building space requirements with their functional requirements such as sturdiness, safety and ease of access remaining top priority. The V64 and V65 platform stairlifts are both strong and reliable and can operate in all weather conditions. Both units are equipped with wireless button controls and have retractable safety arms. Thousands of installations of these units worldwide have provided safe and independent access always appreciated for reliability and versatility.

Examples of these installations

These products have been installed in all types of buildings including but not limited to schools, museums, banks, restaurants, offices, theatres etc. 


The V64 travels on a straight rail and is ideal if you have a straight flight of stairs. With a minimum stair width of 970mm, the V64 can be installed anywhere. The V64 can also hold a load capacity of up to 300kgs. 


The V65 is one step up from the V64 in that it is a curved inclined platform lift. The platform lift can be installed on almost any staircase with a 60m rail length. No matter how curved or difficult your stair configuration is, the V65 could be your solution. This solution is tailor made to your specifications and neither the V64 or V65 require any architectural intervention or building work to be done. With a load capacity of 300kgs as well, the V65 differs in that it does require a wider staircase. 

For more on either of these incline platform lift options, please feel free to contact one of our sales team who would happily come and do a site visit or be able to advise which of the products will work best. 

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V64 - V65