Ideal for personal, public or commercial spaces, these lifts provide convenience and accessibility for all. The vertical platform lifts are quiet and discreet to ensure comfort, convenience and elegance. Available from two to five floor stops, this is an ideal solution to aid the differently abled or for transporting heavier, bulkier items. The product can be customised and tailored to suit your building needs and can be installed on your building's exterior to minimise any invasive building work. The vertical platform lifts have state of the art structures in terms of strength, versatility, durability and design.

What is vertical platform lift?

A vertical platform lift is an elevating device that can travel a small distance up to many feet. A very basic vertical platform lift features an open platform and a drive mechanism to power the platform up and down.

Platform Lift vs Elevator vs Stairlift: What’s the Difference?

When stairs become a challenge but relocating to a single storey isn’t possible, what can you do?

There are myriad mobility options to help you enjoy your entire home, but the terminology can get confusing. A Platform lift? A stairlift? A chairlift?

All the same? Totally different? It can be hard to know.

And once you do know the vocabulary, how can you make a decision in the lift vs elevator battle?

Let’s take a look at these terms, what they mean, and how you can make the right choice for your mobility needs.

Stair Lift

If you’ve seen the Disney movie “Up”, you have a basic idea of what a stairlift is.

A stairlift is the simplest of the three options. It is a chair which moves up and down a motorized track.

Stair lifts are easy to install if they go only few steps and in a straight direction, relatively inexpensive with slow speeds and require more maintenance. They are a good option if you are not wheelchair bound but still face difficulties navigating stairs. But when you have curved stairs, the cost becomes expensive and the speed is slower.

Most low cost stair lifts are not battery powered, so you need to worry about losing power or becoming stranded if the power goes out.

Chair Lift

A chair lift elevator is a wide platform designed specifically to move a wheelchair from one level to another.

These are typically open platforms to allow for easy access and are limited to the height it can travel upto than a platform elevator. Typically chair lift elevators can only do 3 meters in travel height.

However, this type of lift does come with its own problems.

Because it is open, without railing or enclosure, it isn’t practical for going between multi-floors. Chair lifts are most common for raised porches and other low elevation changes.

This means that if you live in a multi-storey house, a chair lift will be able to get you onto your porch and into your home, but won’t be much help in assisting you from floor to floor.

Platform Elevator

This is just like what you would see in any multistorey office building, except smarter & more fancy looking. Your personal private elevator.

Platform elevator lifts are the most expensive option on this list, but they also carry some key benefits.

First, they are an option that works for everyone, not just those with mobility problems. And because they come in a wide variety of load limits, they can also be used to transport items up and down stairs that might otherwise be difficult to move.

Platform Elevators don’t require a separate engine room, No Pit (no digging required in your home) and can be installed anywhere in a fairly small space. Indoor or Outdoor. Platform lifts do not require civil works and changes to the design of your space, they simple just fit & blend within your space.

The most important benefit, They increase the value of your Home, while a chair lift and stair lift do not.